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Welcome! Stephen Cobb's Privacy for Business website, with links to privacy news and other practical resources for privacy officers.

You can download a free Electronic Edition of my Privacy for Business book from this site.

Stephen Cobb

The idea behind the book:

Privacy for Business was published in 2002, back when there were plenty of books to educate consumers about privacy, but a shortage of privacy books for business. I wrote Privacy for Business to change that and I think it was the first book specifically designed to help businesses deal with the complex commercial issues surrounding privacy. Although the book is now over 10 years old, some of the advice it offers is still timely, as is the history of privacy principles, as far as 2002 anyway).

Privacy for Business: Web Sites and Email, begins with an introduction to privacy issues, principles, and laws. Then chapters focus on challenges specific to business Web sites and email, which are often on the front line when privacy questions arise at companies today.

Privacy for Business was ordered in large quantities by several companies and hundreds of copies have been used as university texts by students of privacy and security.

This website was originally created to support Privacy for Business™ with online access to sources mentioned in the books, plus additional privacy material. It now serves as a placeholder for the free e-version. Although I will be updating the links from time to time, I apologize in advance if any are broken.


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