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Stephen Cobb

Licensing, purchasing, etc.

This page has information about how to buy copies of Privacy for Business and the licensing of the free electronic edition.

License for the electronic edition:

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Click the icon for a human -readable to read the license, or click here for the full text version.

Paperback edition available from these retailers:

Atlas Books is the main retailer and always has a good stock on hand. Now available for limited time at $18.97. Order online by clicking the logo or purchase by phone using your credit card or company invoice, toll-free in North America:

1 800-247-6553

The book is also stocked in by Amazon but in limited quantities so not always the fastest delivery. Price set by Amazon so varies quite a bit.

You can also order from your favorite local book store. Just give them these details:

ISBN: 0-9724819-0-7
List price: $24.95

Book stores and libraries can order from Ingram or direct from the book's wholesaler: BookMasters: 1 800-247-6553

For orders in Europe and the U.K. contact Amazon in your country, e.g. for Amazon in the UK.

Corporate and college orders: If you need to buy 10 or more copies at once, discounts are available. Please contact the author by fax at 1 775 256 9558 or email:

Review copies: If you are a journalist and want to review Privacy for Business, please email the author at the address above.

Chief Privacy Officer: if you hold this or an equivalent position in your organization—and you would like to evaluate Privacy for Business: Web Sites and Email for use in your corporate privacy awareness programs, please fax or email the author.

Note that reselling of the free electronic edition is not allowed. Also, use of the electronic edition for corporate training or school teaching purposes is not permitted under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License. Permission for such use must be licensed from, or agreed to by, the publisher, Dreva Hill.

Electronic or paper copies for use by companies and educational institutions can be purchased through any of the retailers listed here, or direct from the author, Stephen Cobb, who can be contacted by fax at 1 775 256 9558 or email to this address:  


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