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This site provides links to privacy news and other practical resources for privacy officers.

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Stephen Cobb

Privacy sources, links, connections:

Articles on Privacy: Links to articles on privacy by Stephen Cobb

The Privacy/Security Dialogue, first published in Privacy Officers Advisor
A Prozac Moment in Privacy and Marketing, Marketing Research Association Newsletter
The Multi-Billion Dollar Spam Threat, Newsscan and
The Privacy Meter, a short slide deck about privacy positioning, benefits and pitfalls

From the Book: This section provides a click-able version of the Sources section in the book, with all of the Web links live.

Recent Additions (Acrobat pdf files)

Final HIPAA Security Rule, from Federal Register
Final HIPAA Security Rule, 20 page condensed version
Cobbs' Comments on HIPAA Security Rule

Model Privacy Statements and Policy Generators

Better Business Bureau Online sample Privacy Notice
TRUSTe Model Privacy Statement
Direct Marketing Association Privacy Policy Generator
OECD Privacy Policy Generator
ESRB Privacy Statement Privacy Composer

Privacy Principles

HEW Records, Computers and the Rights of Citizens Report
OECD Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data
FTC Fair Information Practice Principles
US/EU Data Privacy Directive Safe Harbor

Privacy Laws

COPPA: Children's Online Privacy Protection Act
COPPA Compliance (at FTC)
G-L-B: Gramm-Leach-Bliley or Financial Modernization Act (pdf)
FTC Page on G-L-B and Financial Privacy
G-L-B Privacy Rule (pdf)
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability & Accountabilty Act
Findlaw on HIPAA
The E.U. Data Protection Directive
U.S./E.U. Safe Harbor at Commerce Department
Additional privacy laws at PrvacyLaw.Net

Privacy Tools

TRUSTe seal programs
BBBOnline Privacy Seal
HONcode seal
P3P at W3C
P3P tools

Privacy and Online Organizations

Internet Alliance
Electronic Privacy Information Center
Privacy Alliance
Privacy Officers Association
FTC on privacy
COPPA information from
Gramm Leach Blilely information
CIO Magazine Privacy Center

European Union and International

EU commissioned study of spam
Comments on EU Data Protection Directive from American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium
ASP group faults EU laws,2350,4451_707811,0
Detailed implementation of UK Data Protection in Universities

Agencies in the E.U. and Other Countries

Australia - Privacy Commissioner
Austria - Austrian Data Protection Commission - in English
Belgium President - Consultative Commission for Protection of Privacy
Canada - Privacy Commissioner for federal institutions
Denmark - Registertilsynet - Danish Data Protection Agency
Estonia - Estonian Data Protection Authority
Finland - Data Protection Ombudsman for Finland
France - National Commission for Freedom of Information
Germany - German Federal Privacy Commissioner
Greece - Greek Data Protection Authority
Hong Kong - Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
Isle of Man - Data Protection Registrar
Italy - Italian Data Protection Authority
Lithuania- Lithuanian Data Protection Inspectorate
Netherlands - Data protection/privacy commission for the Netherlands
New Zealand - Data protection/privacy commission for New Zealand
Norway - Norwegian office for data protection
Portugal - Data protection commission for Portugal
Spain - Data protection commission for Spain
Sweden - Data protection commission for Sweden
Switzerland - Data protection/privacy commission for Switzerland
United Kingdom - Data Protection Registrar

Infosec and Data Protection Links

CERT® Coordination Center at the Software Engineering Institute, a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon University
Infosec News is a good source of up-to-date information security information, articles, product reviews
Computer Security News Daily is another good source for information security news
Computerworld - Security Coverage,4167,NAV63_KEY73,00.htm
Security Focus offers security news on web site and through alerts services, to stay on top of software patches, vulnerabilities and so on
Information Security Magazine - a good news source
Virus and Hoax Information
Collection of Security White Papers
RSA Laboratories Frequently Asked Questions About Today's Cryptography, Version 4.1

Recommended Reading

CPO Reading List on, created by Ray Everett-Church, recommends 18 titles for those who need to know about privacy.
Data Protection Reading List on Amazon created by Stephen Cobb.
Internet Privacy for Dummies by Ray Everett-Church and others...
Database Nation by Simson Garfinkel and others...


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